Is it Further or Farther?

Did the golfer hit the ball farther or further than his competitor?

If you answered farther, you are correct. If you answered further or were unsure why farther was correct, the explanation of this word battle is for you. Let me explain further. Did you catch that?

Farther is used when indicating physical distance. In other words, use farther when the distance can be measured (e.g., yards, miles, feet).

Farther is correct in the example sentence above because the distance can be measured to determine if the golfer did indeed hit his ball farther than his competitor.

On the other hand, further is used when indicating a metaphorical or figurative distance. For example, when I wrote "Let me explain further" above, I was referring to taking our discussion deeper in regards to the two differences between these two words. This figurative distance cannot be measured, so further is the correct word to use.

Here are some more examples of each word’s use:

Which city is farther?

Unfortunately, we had to drive farther than the map indicated.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The seminar will further your understanding of the topic.

Follow these simple rules for using farther vs. further. If you need help in using these two words in your writing, you can trust our expert proofreaders.

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